October 29, 2018

mixing plants

Dynamic mixing plants

If two or more components are to be mixed into a homogenous blend such as cream and fruit preparation in cream curd or fruit yoghurt, mixing plants have to be used.

Static and dynamic mixers are differentiated. Dynamic mixers are divided into two types of plant:

1. Mixers for blending fluid mediums with dry materials (powder feeder)

2. Mixers for blending different viscosities

Supplementary thermal processing steps are used during the mixing process, according to product specifications.

TIEN PHUOC offers you:

  • Inline mixing plants for continuous processing of fruit and drinking yoghurt or the manufacture of fruit, herbal or cream curd, as well as milk-mixture products.
  • Inline mixing plants in an hygienic and aseptic design and with a compact layout that contributes to small losses of fruit mixture when switching varieties.
  • The plants are tailor-made to suit a customers needs, with the utmost care taken for an exact, consistent and reproducible measuring of product components by using volume flow and mass flow meters.
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