October 29, 2018

Receipt and Shipping Stations

Receipt and Shipping Stations

 The tank truck empties into the receptacle at the receipt station. The liquid received is then pumped by the receptacle, which is simultaneously used for degassing, to the storage tanks, via a cooler if required. The process corresponds at the shipping stations. A tank truck or container is filled from a storage tank via a cooler. The amounts are logged volumetrically or gravimetrically.

TIEN PHUOC offers you:

  • Planning and execution of lines with a performance up to 100,000 l/h
  • Planning and execution of container filling stations for milk and cream
  • Volumetric measuring of media
  • Integrating gravimetric measurements of media
  • Automatic sampling
  • Design of calibratable plants
  • Automated sorting by protein content
  • Design of coolers for glycol or ice water operation
  • Logging of tour-specific media data
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