October 29, 2018

Planning, Development and Execution

Planning, Development and Execution

Consolidated knowledge and extensive experience: both are prerequisites for successful planning and realisation of:

  • Plant reconstruction or extensions
  • Modernisation of existing process-related plants
  • New construction of complete process lines for consumption and cheese dairy milk, cream, dessert and yogurt products as well as fruit juices and mineral waters and other liquid and soft foods
  • New construction of energy systems, heat recovery plants and connection to combined heat and power plants (CHP)

TIEN PHUOC offers you:

Project engineers with years of experience in food engineering They will provide assistance within the scope of planning and developing for:

  • Consultation and demand assessment
  • Feasibility studies
  • Concept drafts
  • Review of variations
  • On-location inventory
  • Draft planning
  • Placement planning
  • Processing-related planning
  • Scheduling
  • Creation of contract specifications for the invitation to tender

We support you in the execution stage of a project with our coordinated and experienced employees of our technical office.
Your personal contact person is an experienced project engineer who always has access to your project-relevant data.
His primary task is the efficient and complete handling of your project.

TIEN PHUOC offers you:

  • Detailed planning for placement
  • Process-related process description
  • Creation of project-specific lists
  • Quality assurance and control
  • Schedule monitoring
  • Cost control
  • Supervision of construction and installation
  • Documentation

Whether the relocation of components, extension of existing plants or a new plant is concerned, as a customer we provide you with a personal contact person for all issues – from the initial discussion to completion of initiation.

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